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 Golfers UNITE!!!!!

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Fifth Nation

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PostSubject: Re: Golfers UNITE!!!!!   Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:23 am

Its actually a funny story. It was a par 4 320 yards and the wind was blowing like 100 mph that day. So wind at my back I unleashed the taylor made r7. beastly. just beastly that club is. anyway hit it dead straight"like usual" Very Happy= :D , when we got to the green I could not find my ball so I fugured I flew the green and the ball went down the street. So I took my penalty and dropped then chipped it up close to the hole. When I went to mark my ball I noticed a ball in the cup, that joker was mine ha! Either the group in front of us put it there or I did it. I would like to believe that I did it. Then I got a 5 on the par 3 the next hole....dang water and wind.
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Second Nation

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PostSubject: Re: Golfers UNITE!!!!!   Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:41 am

I've lipped the cup before almost getting a hole in one, that was the other birdie that I had in my lifetime. I actually almost had two yesterday actually, the second one would have been a bump and run chip that traveled about 20 feet but missed the break by like a centimeter and stayed on the outside of the cup Sad

I forgot to mention, that I shot a 48. Second best round of my life, but it was only that high because I got a 10 after I drove to the left of a hole that has probably a 10 yard gap to shoot through. I got stuck under a really stuck, tried punching and hit it out, but nowhere near the gap, had another rough hit, shanked one, got frustrated and picked up.

If I had just laid up or something like that, and even shot a double, I would of had a 44...that would have been sweet.
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Dark Lord of the Sixth
Dark Lord of the Sixth

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PostSubject: Re: Golfers UNITE!!!!!   Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:35 am

Played for the first time in about six weeks yesterday. Not good.

Highlight: I sank a 30 ft putt on the 13th. And if my second shot on the 12th had been a little more to the right I would have been bang on the pin rather than in the bunker to the left and thus would have had the chance, not of a par, but of a birdie! Unheard of!

Lowlights: Too many, but I think the trolley battery giving up the ghost on the 13th is tops. I've only had that battery 18 months.
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PostSubject: Re: Golfers UNITE!!!!!   

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Golfers UNITE!!!!!

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