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 Affiliates of The Nation

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PostSubject: Affiliates of The Nation   Affiliates of The Nation Icon_minitimeSun May 08, 2011 12:24 pm

So I have to take some of the responsibility here. This is something that should have been done a while ago and has somehow slipped through all the cracks up until now.

In the past, we had tried a Plug Thread, to be used for forum link swaps etc. Not seeing much use, it was removed.
However, we want people to share their forums with us. We want to be able to share ours with outside communities too. So while the plug Thread was removed, we have always held, and will continue to keep image links to any "affiliates" on the SN Portal Page.

So how do you get a spot there?
Its simple really.

You ask politely.
Of course, since we are always cautious as to what we place our name on and associate ourselves with, (we take pride in our site and what it represents) we will most likely have mods and admins browse any forums or sites that have been requested to be added. If it seems like we wouldn't be steering people into nastiness, we will discuss case by case adding you to the affiliates widget.

All we ask....

1. Continue to follow forum rules regarding links to your site. You can have a line in your sig, on your profile, and the portal. Do not spam your links in pms or posts. I assure you to do so will give you results opposite of what you are looking for. Do NOT post them in this thread. Title a personal message to me or any other admin Site Affiliation with a link to your site, and to make things easier for all, possibly a basic description as to what your site is, is about, who it targets, etc.

2. We will need an image to use as an image link. All you really need to do is scale down the banner of your site perhaps.
Images are best used when they are 25-30 pxs in height, and 100 pxs in length.

3.There should be somewhere on YOUR site for similar link exchanges. Whether you host them in a thread, on your main page as we do, etc.

The Sixth Nation is a constantly growing community. Through exchanges such as these, we hope to not only help spread our message, but help others spread theirs.

Thanks everyone:


Clans will always be allowed links to their clans forums inside their respective Lounge Boards
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Affiliates of The Nation

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