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 College assignment

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PostSubject: College assignment   College assignment Icon_minitimeMon May 30, 2011 3:09 pm

This short film I have made for a college assignment where we had to use another medium to explain a simple coding term.

The short film is a metaphor for a while loop. A while loop is a basic computer programming coding term.
The metaphor which helps to explain what a while loop is: You have lost your keys, you keep on looking around for them until you find your keys. You wouldn't look for your keys if you already have them and you will stop looking for them once you find them.

The main features of a while loop is that a Boolean (true or false statement) condition is evaluated first. In this case it is the question of “do you have your keys, true or false?” If you have your keys, true, then you don't search for them (complete the actions/code within the while loop). But if you don't have your keys, false, then you search for them until you have found them (you keep on evaluating and working your way through your action/code until the initial Boolean condition changes) and through completing this process you change the original Boolean condition of “do you have your keys” to true. Once you have your keys then you stop searching for them and this is the finish of the while loop.

Here's the video in it's current state, I am still editing some minor parts of it currently but the core of it hasn't changed. Same goes for the accompanying explanation.