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 Rockband 2

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PostSubject: Rockband 2   Rockband 2 Icon_minitimeMon Jul 06, 2009 1:51 am

I'm posting it here simply b/c I played the PS2 version. However, I doubt the PS3 version was any different aside from the quality and number of animations etc.

I had to rent the Ps2 version because my GH Metallica wireless guitar didnt work with the Rb 2 PS3 version but my Original PS2 GH 2 guitar worked with the PS2 RB. Go figure....oh well I prefer the wired controller anyway.

But - simply said I'm pretty unimpressed with the track list. Seriously. almost 40% if not more were rip offs already done by the Guitar Hero franchise. And, those songs by bands that were well known weren't the best song choices. Example - their AC/DC song - they chose "Let There Be Rock". Decent song on its own. But seriously, for a marquee band why didnt they choose highway to hell, Thunderstruck or Shoot To Kill? Well known awesome songs! And they did this for a few of the well known bands. Then, as I went on in the career I was expecting more big name bands with their great songs. What did I get? Stuff I've never even heard of. Oh sure Judas Priest is great but Painkiller? I got more and more bored as I went through the game.

Also, having to do setlists at the end of each venue is a fine idea but I swear I played Let There Be Rock and Carry on Wayward son (rip off from GH 2) at least 5 times in one day. Allowing you to play future songs before they're unlocked just adds to the repetitive feeling. ie: at the end of a setlist you don't get to choose the song. Its already there. Yet after you beat that setlist and unlock more countries, there the song is waiting to get played again. And if you ignore it, it stays "unplayed".

GH World Tour impressed me more because at least the songs I hadn't heard of before at least I ended up liking some of them. And World Tour had songs that weren't even in english! Sorry RB - this installment further proved to me that you're still a runner up to GH. Gotta do better than that with your song list. Only good thing going was the number of songs. Too bad most of them weren't fun/good or had already been done before. Sleep
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Rockband 2

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