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What is the Sixth Nation of Gamers?

We had one main reason for creating the site that is The Sixth Nation. Really, it had many purposes for me personally. But there was always one main goal. To build a community of gamers from all titles and all consoles and to come together in one place to meet up, talk, the things communities like that do.

I myself had found that while corporate/sponsored sites designed around just one game series,console, developer, etc were fun and filled with great people, they were also prone to sudden change. They were over crowded, or too stuffy. They would fill and empty as the games came and went. In all that there is change in membership. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But the fluctuations bugged me. We wanted to have a place where we and any others could go with out concern of such things. It only changes when we change it. It only ends when we stop logging in. There is no reliance on one game, its console, the gaming powers that be, or even a clan or guild. We are just long time friends who like to share games and our lives with one another. We hope you come along for the ride.

You's on our terms now.

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